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Literature Circle Role and Important documents

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What is the Holocaust

 Click on the link above to learn more about the Holocaust. 

Click on the link below to complete the Holocaust Scavenger Hunt

These links are going to provide information about the Holocaust and take the students on a scavenger hunt on the internet. The scavenger hunt will provide more background knowledge about WWII and the major events that took place.



1. List at least two reasons we should  learn about the Holocaust?

2. What does the term “Holocaust” mean?

3.  3. Identify and explain 3 causes of the Holocaust?

4. How many people died during the Holocaust?


5. What other groups, besides the Jews, were the target of Nazi destruction?


6. When was Anne Frank born?


7. When and where did she die?


8. What does prejudice mean?


9. When and where did Kristallnacht take place?


10. Why is it important?


11. What does the term refer to?

12. What was the name of the Nazi plan to eliminate all the Jewish people?


13. Define Euthanasia


14. According to estimations, how many children were killed during the Holocaust?


15. Name at least 3 camps, identify their locations and functions, when they were established, evacuated, and liberated. (refer to maps #14 for additional information)


16. Interactive quizzes




14. Maps




 Content Map of Lois Lowry

 Click here to see larger image

 Go to links page and click on Lois Lowry. You will find her bibliography and you will need to read over all the information on map above and on web site. Then take the quiz in the basket next to the computer labeled "Lois Lowry Quiz" 


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