World War II Thematic Unit

Family Tree Assignment


 The students will create a family tree and post it under the Blog tab on this website.  Students are to talk to their parents and grandparents, care givers, and any extended family about the history in their family.

For example my Great Great Aunt Eva was my Great Grandmother's twin.  They separated the men from women as they boarded the trains. It was the last time Eva saw her 14 year old son. (They later found him in the 70's??? on a farm in Lithuania. He apparently got picked up by the Russians and sent to Siberia) They went to a work camp where they worked as slave labor making munitions. It was attached to one of the bigger camps where they spent the war years. There were stories of eating rats and scraps that a guard would throw to them. Ralph, my grandfather, Eva's niece,  according to the stories been involved with the liberation of some of the camps. After the war, they went all out trying to find what was left of family. They found Eva, Stella and Milda in a refugee camp. It took them more than a year, after the war to find them and bring them to the US.  They were brought back a few months before Eva's twin sister Bess passed away. (Returned approx February of 1947)

Eva is Stella's mother and Milda is Stella's daughter. They were brought back to the United States.

I also learned that my grandfather worked for (illegally) Al Capone.  

He also was a supply Sargent to General Patton. 

 Bessie's report file.pdf

 1st Sargent Ralph Robert Sharp

My Paternal GrandfatherThe arrow is pointing to my grandfather during WWII in a bunker next to Audie Murphy(Well known actor during that time). He said that was one of the best moments during the war. Keep in mind he was a purple heart recipient, bronze and silver star medal recipient; yet fighting the war with a well renown actor was his highlight of the war. This picture was in Life Magazine during WWII. 

Family Tree Websites

 Go to the links page to use suggested websites to create your family tree. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PAY TO DO ADDITIONAL RESEARCH! YOU ARE TO USE THE FAMILY TREES THAT ARE FREE ON THESE SITES. If you choose to continue to do more research and you have your parents permission to pay for the subscription I will give you extra credit.

Extra credit will be offered at "no charge" throughout this unit. This option is for those of you who are interested and you have your parents permission to continue on with the research. This may take several weeks to do. I do not recommend this but if some of you really want to find out more about your families I will reward your hard work with extra credit. 

If you find other programs or have other programs that you can use to create your family tree on your computer at home that is fine. Save it if you can to a memory stick so you can bring it to school to work on at your learning center.  You are going to have to get information from home about family members record it and come back to the center to fill in your family tree. When you have completed the family tree show me and then print it out for submission. 

Why are you doing this?

I know you are thinking this is a waste of time. It makes no sense why you are doing this in order to read a book. WRONG! I will tell you why we are doing all of  this. I want you to understand the importance of family. How you are related to whom. I realize we all come from different backgrounds and families. A family is a group of people who love you and care for you and take care of you. This can be grandparents, aunts and uncles, step parents, and any other extended family or friends. That is what makes us all unique.  

In the novel Number The Stars, Annmarie gets separated from her family and she needs to know her family tree so she can look for her family after the war is over. It is very important that she knows her relatives. This is why I am having you create your family tree to help you understand where and who you come from.  


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